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Little Bit Leave It

Talkin' Love Island UK in the USA

Dec 28, 2020

S6 E01 image

The first episode of Little Bit Leave It! Ben and Becka talk about the "series" 6 premiere, review slang from the episode, talk outrageous outfits, and rank the initial couples.

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Welcome to Little Bit Leave It!

Dec 27, 2020

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Hello, would-be islanders, and welcome to Little Bit Leave It, the podcast that talks Love Island UK in the USA!

We are two die hard fans of the show who were thirsty for more Love Island UK content, so we decided to make some ourselves. 

Every episode of the podcast starts with a (spoiler-free) recap of an episode of...

Dec 26, 2020

A Love Island UK podcast for American viewers focused on cultural translation, questionable scholarship, and lowbrow humor. Every week, we dive into a (hopefully) interesting aspect of British pop culture or history--whether it's the most popular fetishes or legends of Celtic mythology. We also spend way too much time...