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Little Bit Leave It

Talkin' Love Island UK in the USA

Nov 1, 2021

It's time to put the kids to bed, turn the lights down low, and tune your radio to the smooth jazz sounds of The Quiet Storm. It's Little Bit Leave It: After Dark. We pull together three different feature segments from past episodes. 

You'll learn what a scaffolder is and why the UK girls are obsessed with them as we review the UK's sexiest jobs. You'll need a bucket and a mop to clean up after our discussion of sexual fetishes in Great Britain. And you'll be kind of weirded out every time a couple gets sent into the Hideaway after you hear about how it's an updated version of a communal sex tradition that goes back to medieval Europe! 

This episode is, obviously, for mature audiences only, despite our very real lack of maturity.

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